"Thank you for all the support you have given me. I know that without
your guidance, advice, and belief in me I would not be who I am today" P

"Without your support I would not be the mother I am today, I would not
understand myself nearly as well, or managed to achieve what I have"

"Thank you for all your support over the last 6 months and especially for
your extra support when I was most distressed. Your words of wisdom and
guidance have not only been of great benefit to me but also to my husband
and precious children" B

"Thank you. The safe, warm and accepting space you have provided for me
has been immeasurable. Your skill, your empathetic and generous spirit has
allowed me to keep moving forward through a crazy year" Y

"I have valued and appreciated your support and wisdom so much" Q

"My baby has turned one and I am so happy now. I think a lot of you and
your part in it. It's made a tremendous difference in my life and family,
thank you." N

"Thank you seems totally inadequate for the support you have given me over
the last year. I think back to the first time we met and its hard to put
into words how different I feel today. Thank you for your care, insight,
stillness and kindness" L

"I saw you three times a few months ago after the birth of my second
child. She is now 9 months. I wanted you to know that you are one of a few
people who really made a big difference in helping me overcome my challenges
last winter. I'm really grateful for the work you did with me even though we
met a few times. I'm pretty much back to my self now. Thank you." C

"Firstly, I want to thank you for all the help you gave me - it helped me
more than you probably realise. My goal was to enjoy my son more - and that
has definitely happened. He's a lovely little boy and I love his company.
You also helped me understand myself more and deal with issues such as
guilt, etc. You are wonderful." S